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Screeding Services in Berkshire

Gough Screeding has more than two decades in providing effective floor screeding solutions to a wide variety of customers. We put customer satisfaction as a central focus and ensure that our workmanship is of the highest order while delivering the project within budget and on time.

Our past projects have covered a huge range of different jobs from industrial and commercial jobs to domestic house extensions. From initial preparation through to the final finish, we are well-versed in keeping a tight focus on delivery and quality for projects including:

  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial developments
  • Residential buildings

Experienced and Effective

Our tradesmen have decades of hands-on experience and continuously undergo training to keep their skills and knowledge sharp. Gough Screeding provides on-site advice on which products and installation methods are right for your job.

You’ll benefit from reduced downtime and minimal disruption as we ensure that your floor is dry and finished as quickly as top quality workmanship will allow. Some screeding can be walked on as quickly as 3 hours later and can receive its final finish within 4 hours of drying. Our screeding services cover:

  • Self-levelling screeds
  • Traditional screeds
  • Rapid-setting screeds

Our Screeding Processes

Base preparation: we remove high spots and debris to ensure equal thickness

Insulation: we make sure that insulation is fitted on a clean and even bed, using a slurry grout if the substrate is particularly uneven

Slip sheets: we put a polythene slip sheet over insulation and ensure that all air pockets and voids are removed

Perimeter detailing: we provide insulation upstands to all the perimeters, ensuring that all junctions and corner details are neat and there are no voids or air pockets

Pipework laying: we lay heating systems as required, using methods to ensure that systems will not lift and float

Access for builders’ work: we make sure that all apertures are sealed effectively, and any form work is treated as an upstand and prepared similarly

Final checks: we inspect the whole system for holes or damage and ensure that the entire system is watertight, so that is can receive liquid screed

Screed installation: we install the screed and ensure that it is protected for up to three days afterwards, using polythene protection sheets if windows are not fixed in the surrounding structure

Floor finish: we make sure the screed is primed with a compatible manufacturer-approved product if levelling compounds or adhesives need to be applied

Contact Gough Screeding if you have any questions on screed installation or wish to inquire about our screeding services.